Veterinary Cordons

Botswana has veterinary controls across Botswana to prevent the spread of animal borne diseases, most notably Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). The general rule is that you may transport meat and dairy products from South to North of the country, however you cannot transport meat and dairy products from North to South. You can however transport cooked meat and UHT milk.
When there is a FMD outbreak in Botswana, all Veterinary Gates are on alert and your vehicle may be searched. Other foodstuffs that are subject to temporary non-movement controls include fruit and vegetables travelling in both directions.

These controls are not permanent however and are put in place when necessary e.g. to control outbreaks of fruit fly. Import restrictions also do occur from time to time resulting in certain foodstuffs being prevented from entering Botswana at the borders. We will endeavour to place notices of current restrictions on this page, however due to the various factors involved, this may be out of our control.
To confirm import restrictions as well as disease control prior to departure, you may contact the relevant Government Departments prior to departure:
For Border Restrictions Contact: Department of Customs. Tel: +267 364 2100 / 392 2855
For Disease Control restrictions contact: Ministry of Agriculture, Enquiries Tel: 267 395-0500